Join Our Affiliate Program

Micas has always been at the forefront of the affiliate marketing game. We are open to various forms of affiliate marketing methods. As long as you have a platform and you are willing to spread the word about Micas, we are here for you.

But wait...what’s Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has been with us as early as the dawn of the internet. Think about influencer marketing but you take control. As long as you generate sales for MICAS, you are rewarded with a real commission. It’s one of the most reliable ways to monetize your traffic or influence with the proven formula. You are your own boss. Isn’t it exciting?

I know what affiliate marketing is

Awesome, then you are just a few steps away from forging a win-win partnership with MICAS and being the game changer in affiliate marketing because:

It’s Easy To Understand!

1. Promote MICAS on your websites/blogs/social media channels with links either with or without banners.

2. Potential customers click on the links.

3. Customers place orders.

4. You receive commissions.

It’s Easy To Promote!

  • Frequently uploaded SKUs to promote.

  • Up-to-date banners and coupons.

  • Affiliate-only creatives to help drive conversion.

  • Subject to negotiation.

It’s Lucrative!

  • Up to 15% commission rate.

  • Long 30-day cookie duration.

  • Bonus payout for outstanding affiliates.

  • Chances to earn free products from MICAS for giveaways and contests.

It’s Trustworthy!

You could choose from two trustworthy affiliate networks at the moment. More affiliate marketing tools are being considered by our team.

It’s Easy To Join!

Step 1. Choose your preferred affiliate network.

Step 2. Search for the program name or domain of MICAS in your chosen affiliate network.

Step 3. Apply to join us and wait for approval.

Step 4. Get our links to promote for us and watch your commissions roll in.