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Our Mission

Micas [ˈmaɪkəz] are a group of minerals with outstanding physical characteristics. Inspired by nature's work of art, we here at MICAS cherish individuality and celebrate each of our fashionistas by designing "Style A Cut Above" for our audience.

From clean silhouettes and bright colors to bold print clashes and statement accessories, MICAS's array of offerings is inspired by our global community of customers. With our closet at their disposal, our guests have the opportunity to find pieces that define their own identities while making a statement.

Our Values

Our Values

MICAS encourages our fashionistas to nurture their own well-being by experimenting with their wardrobe. We believe female empowerment is not just about helping women rock new aesthetics, but also about encouraging an attitude of confidence and resilience - and that starts with embracing your own authenticity.

We want you to shine in your clothes - whether it's being a babe on date night, a girlboss at work, or lounging as the comfiest couch potato, it's important for you to vibe with your clothing, no matter the occasion.

Design Inspiration

Our designers are all globe trotters whose wide-ranging experiences of travel and culture result in a diverse team of brilliant creatives. They each bring unique ideas that turn into aesthetic designs. As for our craft, we use everything from fabric prints, applique, embroidery work and precision tailoring to make each piece of work come alive. And with our attention to detail, you can be sure that piece is fashioned with quality in mind. Above all else, we are devoted to creating garments that tap into trends while still expressing individual flare.

Design Inspiration

Our Factory

With the utmost dedication and commitment to excellence, our team of quality control experts inspects every product coming out of our production line to make sure only the very best reaches you. We don't compromise on our attention to detail, so you can be sure that the styles you get are made to last.

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When it comes to our workers, we do more than just ensuring a living wage and providing a friendly working environment. Our atmosphere of camaraderie and support is what truly brings out the best in each member of our crew.

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Community Testimony

We love hearing from our wonderful customers - their comments are always full of insight and joy! We value every single one, so thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

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Our #Micasgals

Our amazing influencers are always there for us - a loyal
bunch that we can count on to spread the word!

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