Micas Rewards Guide

Four Ways to Earn Micas Points

  • 1. Get 100 FREE points by signing up for a Micas account

    • Click the app sidebar or at the top right of the homepage.
    • Enter your email and password or create an account.
    • Log in to the rewards system, we’ll automatically add 100 FREE points to your account.
  • 2. Earn points whenever you place an order

  • 3. Get social with us

  • 4. Celebrate your birthday with Micas

    • Get 300 bonus points on your birthday each year!
    • Make sure to fill out your birthday info at least 1 month in advance in order to qualify for THIS year.

Three Ways to Redeem Micas Points

  • 1. Redeem 500 points for a free shipping coupon

    2. Spend 1000 points to get a 20% off coupon

    3. Earn an order discount with 100 points for $1 off

Related FAQs

  • 1.  If I return my items, do I lose points?

    If you return for a gift card or an exchange, you will keep the points earned! Otherwise, you will lose points for every refunded amount.

  • 2. Can I earn points for every purchase I make ?

    Purchases made only after you join the program will earn points toward your account. 

  • 3. Can I earn points on orders paid with a gift card?

    Purchases made with a gift card will not earn new points toward your account.