Micas Rewards Guide

4 Ways to Earn Micas Points

1. Get 100 FREE points by signing up for a Micas account

  • Click the gift icon at the bottom left of the home page to get started.
  • After signing up, we’ll automatically add 100 FREE points to your account.
  • Already have a Micas account? Claim your 100 points by signing up for Micas Rewards through your profile.

      2. Earn points whenever you place an order

      • For every $1 spent, we’ll add 1 point to your account. The more you shop, the bigger your rewards!
      • Note: Neither shipping costs nor cancelled orders count towards your point earnings.

        3. Get social with us

        • Win an extra 10 points when you follow us on Instagram!

        4. Celebrate your birthday with Micas

        • Get 300 bonus points on your birthday each year!
        • Make sure to fill out your birthday info at least 1 month in advance in order to qualify for THIS year.

          Micas Referral Program

          • Get a coupon whenever you refer a friend!
          • Copy the referral link in your Micas account and send it to your friend.
          • After they click on the link, they’ll receive an email with their own $5 coupon.
              • Once they make their first purchase, we’ll add $5 to your account.
              • Note: If your friend cancels the order, your coupon will also be cancelled.

              How To Redeem Your Points

              Our straightforward points guide:
              • 100 points = $1 Voucher
              • 500 points = Free Standard Shipping
              • 1000 points = 20% off your next purchase
                  To redeem your points, copy a discount code from the “Ways to Redeem” page in your Micas account and apply it at checkout.