Join, Shop, and Earn Rewards!

Earning, while spending! Sign up for the MICAS membership and gain rewards called Crystallite each time you shop.

Indeed, crystallites don't just represent our bond, but for every $1 spent, you could earn 1 crystallite!

You may say: "So, we could earn these virtual tokens with a catchy name, what's the big deal?"

It is a HUGE deal. With our MICAS Loyalty Program, you get to build up your crystallite savings. It means, when your crystallite savings reach certain levels, you could redeem them and get amazing perks like coupons and discounts. Exciting, isn't it?

So you got the brief idea. Now straight to the point: how could we earn them?

Here are the routes you could go through.

Route1: 100 Crystallites Kickstart Fund

To express our gratitude for your sign-up, here are 100 crystallites , for free!

Wait? You haven't signed up for Micas Membership? You should definitely do it. Through the official website, check out the first icon to the right of our MICAS logo. Yes, click it and sign up. All you need to do is to enter your email address and a password, then you are officially a member!

*Please enter the same email address that you used to register for your MICAS account. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to gain any crystallites.

When you are officially signed up as a member, there're literally no other steps to get the 100 crystallites. Check the "My Member" section and you'll find the Kickstart Fund is already at your deposit!

Route 2: Be Careful of What Your Birthday Wish Is For!

Yes, you are not short of birthday gifts and wishes, but we think you'd like to be wished Happy Birthday from MICAS and receive your very own birthday gift!

Complete your birthday info and you'll get 300 bonus crystallites EVERY YEAR!

*Please make sure you do so at least 1 month before your birth date to receive this special birthday gift this year. Otherwise, you will be rewarded the following year on the date.

Route 3: Buy More, Earn More.

It's a simple formula: 1 US dollar spent = 1 crystallite earned

You will earn crystallite for every US dollar you spend. Here is how you can check your crystallite savings.

Route 4: Refer, Convert, and Get Perks

Every day more and more taste setters around the globe have decided to join us as members. Now you have the opportunity to help convert more, by referring our URL to your friends!

Also, when you finish placing an order, you could find another link to refer to your friends too!

Once your friend has joined MICAS membership through your referral link, you will get a $5 coupon!

Route 5: Ins-tant Rewards

By smashing the following button to follow us on Instagram, you could gain 10 crystallites instantly.

Ways to Redeem Your Crystallites

Here are three formulas on how to redeem your crystallites that come with three phases.

Phase I: YOLO!

The formula: 100 crystallites = $1 coupon

So you haven't saved much but decided to use them for getting discounts. That's all right. Cash in right away.

Phase II: Free Shipping

The formula: 500 crystallites = 1 Free Shipping coupon

So you wait a little longer. It is worth the wait because you can get a coupon for free Standard Shipping. That's when your crystallite savings come in handy.

Phase III: The Ultimate Pleasure

The formula: 1000 crystallites = 20% Off coupon

So you have saved 1000 crystallites. That's impressive. Now we honor you by giving you one coupon with a 20% discount! If you could use that coupon when there's a sale, your happiness is multiplied!


1. If I return my items, do I lose crystallites?

If you return for a gift card or an exchange, you will keep the crystallites earned! Otherwise, you will lose crystallites for every refunded amount.

2. Can I earn crystallites for every purchase I make?

You can earn crystallites for every purchase made only after you sign up for the MICAS membership.

3. Can I earn crystallites on orders paid with a gift card?

No, you cannot earn crystallites on orders paid with a gift card.